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Custos Titan - Chapter 4

Hey guys!

This one is supposed to be set on a flashback, hence the change of style =)
A look into the past of the Guild of Guardians and a personal backstory for Alek

Also, this one has neat tracks from the always Amazing MDK
Please check him out! =D


Gustavo arteaga haunting titan

Cover Illustration

Gustavo arteaga haunting titan promo

Illustration with title

Gustavo arteaga once upon a time sketch

Full Composition for double-paged Illustration

Gustavo arteaga master and guardian sketch

Master teaching His young pupil

Gustavo arteaga four temples sketch

Middle-ages temples Illustration

Gustavo arteaga titans sketch

First cover Illustration used as part of the flashback portion of the story

Gustavo arteaga once upon a time

Painted Illustration

Gustavo arteaga nightmare

Alek's Flashback Nightmare

Custos Titan - Chapter 4 Speedpainting